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        Thank you very much for visiting the website of Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Gold Phoenix). We make the following notice to remind you to pay attention to the problems during your visit to our website. Please read carefully!
        If you have any questions or suggestions about this legal statement, please contact us unhesitatingly. We promise to protect your rights to visit our website. If you do not accept related content of this legal statement, please do not read related content on this website!
    I.Special Statement
        Gold Phoenix reserves all rights to change or cancel the related content of this legal statement. It is recommended that you often browse our legal notices to update the information. The information of this website is not legally binding.
    II. Product Information
        Products and formulas on this website are researched and developed independently and named by Gold Phoenix. If you find similar or the same products information when surfing the similar website, we wish you provide us the link information of the suspected infringing website.
        Products price, if there are any on this website, would be the manufacturer guide price, rather than the actual sales price. The actual sales price in the contract between Gold Phoenix and the buyer shall prevail.Product information on this website is for reference only, that you obtained from the company or the company’s distributors shall prevail.
    Ⅲ.Privacy Protection
        Gold Phoenix will be committed to safeguarding your privacy right in compliance with the existing laws or legal criteria. Gold Phoenix will definitely respect your privacy and completely protect it, please feel free to browse this website. But for those linked websites on this website are not within the scope of this Privacy Protection.
    I.Acceptance of Privacy Protection
        If you browse or use this web site, means you have read and accepted this Privacy Protection. If you don't want to accept this Privacy Protection, please do not provide your personal data to this website. If you do not provide the necessary personal information, you will not be able to use the related functions on this website.
    II.Collection and Processing of Personal Information
        This website network server automatically records the name of the network service provider you are using, the specific visiting date and time online. Part web pages of this website will also use "Cookies" to record site visitors’ browsing preferences, meanwhile improving the quality of this website. While, your personal information, such as name, address, telephone number, nicknames, E-mail addresses, only will be stored when you provide those information.
        If you provide your personal data to this website, it is deemed you agree with this privacy protection and we can use your personal data, but you still have the right to restrict this website to use your personal data. This website maybe collect data of the third party through your visit to web pages on this website, please be assured that we only use the data within the scope of the special purpose.
    III.Specific Use of Personal Data
        Gold Phoenix will only use your personal data for the purpose of this website management, customer satisfaction management, product and market research and so on. We take standard precautions to ensure your personal data security. To avoid accessing, modifying or abusing by unauthorized persons, all personal identification data is limited to access. Gold Phoenix will only provide your personal data to the judicial authorities or other legislatures in compliance with laws and statutory procedures. All staffs and distributors will keep your personal data confidential complying with the contract, please rest assured!
    IV. Safety Protection
        Gold Phoenix will take the necessary safety precautions to protect your personal data in order to prevent disclosure, loss, damage of personal data caused by intentional misconduct or gross negligence or operated or processed by unauthorized persons. Our security and defense measures will be improved continuously with the development of related technologies.
    Ⅳ.Intellectual Property
        All contents of this website, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, audio, animation, recording and video, and all contents on this website designed, planed and created by Gold Phoenix are protected by the copyright law, the copyright andneighboring right are belonged to Gold Phoenix or relevant right owners. All contents or any part of this websitecannot be reproduced, quoted, combined or spliced for any other purposesor by any other ways and means of usage of this web site's contentwithout priorwritten legal authorization of Gold Phoenix or the relevant obligee, otherwise you will bear related legal responsibility at your own.
    ⒉Trademark Right and Appearance Design
        Trademarks, product shape contained on this website are owned or duly licensed by Gold Phoenix and its subsidiaries, or by the owners that have authorized related rights to Gold Phoenix, WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any use of the trademarks, product shape is strictly prohibited, without the prior written permission of Gold Phoenix and related third parties.
    Ⅴ.Prohibited Behavior
        This website prohibits users from sending or transmitting any illegal content of threat, insult, slander, violence, incitement, obscenity, pornographic and other forms of the contents of the violation of laws and regulations. Gold Phoenix will have no liability for any illegal and irregular information posted by users on any website. The users shall undertake corresponding legal responsibility arising therefrom. Gold Phoenix reserves the right to screen or delete any illegal information on this website.
    Ⅵ.Exemption Circumstance
        Gold Phoenix promises that the content of this website is legal. Websites which have direct links or hyperlinks to the Sites may not all be controlled by Gold Phoenix, which consequently disclaims any liability in connection with the access to such websites and their content. The information on this Site is provided for general information purposes only, Gold Phoenix gives no guarantee whatsoever that the content on such websites are true, accurate, complete and timely. There are noany commercial and legal relationships between Gold Phoenix and such linked websites, unless Gold Phoenix has made prior written statement on this website.
    Ⅶ. Applicable Laws
        This website and this legal statement are governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
    Ⅷ.Contact Information
        Tel: 0086(0)534-6261888        0086(0)531-81173888

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